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view from our balcony Photo taken from our balcony as the sun was setting over Corfu.

At this point in my life cruises are the perfect holiday. I get tired of pretentious people sprouting 'they're only for old people' or 'real travellers don't cruise, there's no immersion'. Geez, some of us have responsibilities that we can't selfishly abandon and go swanning across Europe for 12 months or more. Yes, that would be nice but right now it's not where my life is at...

Sorry for my rant, let me get back on track...

You will find my Top 10 reasons "Why I Love Cruises" towards the end of this post, but I think it's important that you know cruising was never intended to be my preferred mode of travel.

My introduction to cruising was purely by accident. We (as in Darren my husband and I) had decided to take a holiday to Hawaii. We made a list of all the things we wanted to do and see as we are not the type to laze around a hotel pool all day drinking margaritas. If we're travelling all that way and spending all that money on airfares and accommodation we want to see stuff!

So, there was Honolulu, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, the Napali coast, Volcanoes National Park (Kilauea volcano), Mt Haleakala sunset (I know most people go for the sunrise but check out our photos *smiley face*), a luau, a helicopter ride, a ride in a submarine, a hike through a tropical rain-forest, visit the main islands, I think you get the picture there's a lot to see and do in Hawaii.

Pride of America

At the office I was lamenting that our 2 week vacation would be spent in a plane with the long flight there, then visiting the main islands... that's a lot of island hopping. That's when a colleague suggested the 'Pride of America', a 7 day cruise visiting 4 islands with 5 ports of call returning to Honolulu might solve our dilemma.

A quick search on Google brought up the NCL website with the itinerary for the 'Pride of America'. It was a no brainer! It was more convenient (and cheaper) to book the cruise than it was to book accommodation and island hop. Unpack once, sail overnight and awake up at a new location everyday, and our meals were covered, deal done!.

My 10 Top Reasons 'Why I Love Cruises'.

In no particular order...

  1. Room with a view

    St Marks Square, Venice It's so invigorating having a room with a constantly changing view. You can sit on your private balcony looking out for wildlife, and then you see a pod of dolphins playing in the waves it's just brilliant. There's the majestic sunrise and sunsets, and the magical star lit nights with that huge moon staring down at you. One of my favourite 'kodak' moments was sitting on our balcony as we departed Venice, cruising past St Mark's Square, we were so high up I could see clearly across the terracotta rooftops... such a beautiful city.

  2. Laundry/Cleaning Service

    towel-creature I'm in heaven... no washing or ironing clothes, I now know why my children haven't left home! Early in the morning room service arrives with breakfast and we dine on our balcony, then after breakfast I have quick shower and prepare for a busy day of being a tourist. In the evening we return to our cabin exhausted and guess what? The magical 'cleaning fairy' has been to our room. No more wet towels, instead there are new fluffy clean ones folded beautifully ready for me to use, and a nice personal touch at the end of the bed a towel has cleverly been crafted in to a fish. The bed has been made and the whole room tidied, and to make the day perfect the laundry I placed in the bag yesterday has returned cleaned and pressed. The Laundry Service is an extra cost I'm more than willing to pay :)

  3. I love the ocean

    coast-line Whether I'm walking along a beach or sailing across the sea the oceans brings me an inner peace. On a warm summers day the ocean breeze is fresh and cools my skin, and during the winter months I'm in awe of the power the sea can unleash. When on a cruise sailing to the next port the sunsets are uncluttered, just the vast expanse of the ocean and the molten glow of the sun as it disappears below the horizon. When the cruise is over a cool summer breeze revives the memories of sailing to far off lands and enchanting ocean sunsets.

  4. You only have to unpack once

    This is the popular catch-phrase of the cruising industry, but never a truer word spoken. No tired and aching backs from trying to manoeuvre your suitcase(s)... your hand luggage... your camera and your souvenirs from hotel to hotel. Even better you can keep your souvenirs in your cabin while you go out hunting for more precious items to take home.

  5. Choice of food

    Santorini-Restaurant From simple to gourmet the food on-board is just incredible so many choices. Dine à la carte in the main dining room or mix and match at the buffet. Then there are the specialty restaurants, italian, indian, asian, usually there's a surcharge, and don't forget room service, dining in your cabin. On our last cruise there was even a barbecue lunch by the pool. Don't forget the desserts, I could live on the desserts alone... yum ♥. And! There's all the restaurants in the exotic ports of call featuring the local cuisine and produce.

  6. Romance

    Sunset over Corfu Now who doesn't like some romance in their life, what a perfect setting to be with that special person. I remember the two of us watching the sun set over Corfu as the ship sailed on to our next destination. Later that evening wining and dining in one of the specialty restaurants and whiling the night away sipping cocktails and listening to live music at the piano bar.

  7. Room Service

    Sometimes... like after a big day being a tourist... or a long night at the piano bar... I'm all peopled out. Head back to my cabin, kick off my shoes, have a warm bath, throw on the complimentary dressing gown and collapse into a chair on my private balcony. This is the perfect time for room service! Soup, salad, club sandwich, dessert? Mmmm... dessert ;) Also, sea days are the perfect time to catch up on sleep followed by a continental breakfast... compliments of room service...

  8. Waking up in a different place

    Santorini-Windmill The ship left the port at 6pm and we have been wining and dining and hobnobbing. Making our way from the piano bar back to the cabin, pleasantly exhausted from the days activities it's time for bed... sweet dreams. Cruise-ships usually sail over night to maximise the time in port and having bus'd my way between cities in the past this is my all time favourite way to travel. I don't always sleep in until we dock, sometime there are amazing scenes to be seen as the ship approaches the next port of call. Another 'kodak' moment... early morning, sailing into the caldera that is Santorini and seeing the white-washed village atop the hill.

  9. Being pampered

    Would you like to be treated like royalty? Then, welcome aboard a cruise-ship. If the fine cuisine and elegant accommodation isn't enough you can spend time at the Spa and Salon. Have a massage, aromatherapy, a beauty day, a facial, a body scrub, have your nails manicured get a new hair style you can even get your teeth whitened.

  10. Convenience

    Travelling on a ship is just heaven for all of the reasons stated above. A cruise takes all of the hard work out of travelling and sight seeing, from booking tours to exchanging money a cruise ship has it all. In the past we have lugged suitcases around, caught buses and trains to get to destinations, unpacked, re-packed and then done it all again to reach the next destination. But, after our first cruise we were hooked. There is nothing like it for us we just love it!

By Karen McGlade

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  1. July, 2014 at 04:36:39 PM
    Though I do hope to one day soon be one of those people who "goes swanning across Europe." I have to agree with you, cruise life is great. I hate when people tell you that it's not real traveling. Have a little luxury doesn't make you any less worldly! I have friends that work for Disney and get pretty good discounts on Disney Cruises so that's the line I'm usually on. I've never done NCL before, though I've been looking into it. Would you recommend them?
    • July, 2014 at 06:59:59 PM
      Hi Mags, Darren and I are not typical of most cruisers, we use the ship as a base, we're usually first off and last on at each port we visit and cram as much into each day as we possibly can. We were on 'Pride of America', which cruises Hawaii and visits 4 islands with 2 overnight stays, so there was plenty of time to get out and about site seeing. The crew were friendly and the food was plentiful and sailing along the Na Pali coast was a wonderful highlight. So, yes I would recommended NCL to cruisers.

      btw: luv your site, just been reading your African adventure!

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