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karen150.jpg Hi everyone and welcome to our Travel Blog, I'm Karen and just below we have one of the few pictures in existence of my husband Darren, as a photographer he's rarely seen in front of a camera. Darren and I have created this site to document and share our adventures as we visit the worlds best travel locations available to cruising aficionados.

Darren and Taylor Darren and I have come late to travelling. We are childhood sweet hearts and married young and started a family in our early twenties. We have 3 beautiful children and until our youngest went to school full-time I was a stay at home mom, and loved it. As a young couple we struggled financially on a single wage which meant that overseas travel was never really a viable option. Later we decided to enrol the children in a private school which continued to place pressure on our budget and we could only dream of far off holiday destinations.

Taylor This isn't a sob story we're a very happy family. Two of the children have graduated university and the third is half way through his degree. We also have a German Shepherd puppy named Taylor, who I am currently taking to dog obedience, well it's more like people obedience, but it's great fun. Darren and I both have full-time 'jobs' and now we have the means and time to travel.

In the post 'WHY I LOVE CRUISES' I explain how we really discovered cruising by accident, but now it's our preferred way to travel. The cruise industry is growing rapidly with new itineraries and destinations opening up every year our travel bucket list just keeps getting bigger.

Just so you know, we have travelled overseas to a far off destination and there wasn't a cruise ship in sight! Darren had on his bucket list a trip to Angkor Wat, one of the most important archaeological sites in Cambodia. We spent 2 weeks travelling around Cambodia on our own... no tour group... just the two of us 'busing' across the country.

Angkor Wat Temples at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

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Hello, my name is Karen and I'm a cruise-a-holic. I'm married to my wonderful husband Darren and we have 3 gorgeous kids, (not that I'm biased by any stretch of the imagination).





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